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Modern and innovative consultancy. Development of our own technology. Great team of professionals. Quality and guarantee.

We are one of the largest consultancy and service providers in occupational health and safety. We offer a uniquely comprehensive service ensuring occupational health and safety (OHS), fire protection (FP) and workplace medical services, built on efficient solutions using modern technologies, flexibility, and maximum responsiveness to customer requirements.
We are an advanced technology company and we develop applications for the on-line education of employees and human resource management.

PREVENT in numbers

22 years operating in the Czech market 3.500 + contractual customers 500.000 + employees trained per year 1.000 + audits conducted each year


  • 1994 - estavlishment of PREVENT
  • 1997 - establishment of PREVENT s.r.o.; provision of consultancy in OHS, FP and workplace medical services
  • 2002 - launch of on-line solution INSTRUCTOR (first e-learning for training in legislation in the Czech Republic)
  • 2007 - reach our target of 1,000 contracted customers
  • 2008 - 100,000 active users of the INSTRUCTOR training system
  • 2011 - establishment of PREVENT Dental Care s.r.o. and the opening of a dental clinic
  • 2012 - establishment of PREVENT Medical Care s.r.o. and opening of offices for workplace medical services
  • 2013 - MEDBOOK, a new application for organizing medical examinations
  • 2015 - establishment of PREVENT Service s.r.o.
  • 2016 - 3,000 customers; EDUNIO, a new education management system (LMS)


We want to offer the simplest and the most efficient solutions for prevention and the protection of employee occupational health and the legal protection of their employers.

In e-learning we are continuously monitoring new trends, and we endeavour to use our long-term experience to benefit our customers.

We create practical solutions to protect the health and safety of employees, who we consider the most valuable assets of every successful modern company.

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