Frequent Questions

The company PREVENT is one of the largest providers of consultancy services in occupational health and safety (OHS), fire protection (FP) and workplace medical services.


Cooperation is contractual. We are happy to draft the relevant agreement, and once it is signed, we can get started.


Each customer is assigned its own chief consultant and can contact him/her as necessary at any time (24/7 by e-mail or phone). Other PREVENT specialists are also available, if required.


All PREVENT consultants have a university degree and the highest possible professional qualifications for their respective field.


Should any emergency occur (work accident, fire, etc.), our customers can contact their chief consultant or the PREVENT control centre. We always take charge of the solution and help our customers from the very beginning.


In the case of inspections carried out by state supervision authorities, whenever necessary we provide our customers with all necessary cooperation and representation.


To cover any possible damage, we have concluded liability insurance for CZK 20 million.


The law always specifies that responsibility is borne by the employer/organization. Our responsibility is defined by contractual obligations, which in comparison to our competitors are very broad. Also speaking in PREVENT’s favour are more than 3,000 customers who – for the 19+ years of our operation – have not been sanctioned as a result of our error.

Does e-learning training comply with the legislation?

The form of training is not specified in the legal regulations. Compliance with the requirements for the content, order of delivery and documentation of training is essential. PREVENT e-learning alongside PREVENT consultancy is a premium service.


All consultancy services are provided in Czech and English. Training, medical examinations and consultations may also be provided for your foreign workers.

Sound interesting?

Then contact us, we’ll prepare a non-binding offer for you.

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